My vision regarding couples therapy is based on healing attachment wounds, validating emotions, regaining security, and improving communication and conflict management between the parties, as well as reviewing and agreements regarding the role of each part of the couple and the continuum actualization of boundaries and dreams.

In working with couples, it is prevalent for there to be traumatic or peri-traumatic experiences that make it challenging to enjoy interpersonal relationships; under the Trauma Informed approach, it is called Relational Trauma. So, it is seen that many of the reactions or problems within the couple are more towards past situations triggered again than the relationship per se.

My focus is also on Human Rights; I work with gay, lesbian, trans, monogamous, and polyamorous couples; In reality, a love relationship does not always carry the title of "couple.”

Sessions can be Face-to-face or Virtual Therapy modality.

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How do I know I need couples therapy?

Among the factors associated with a couple of problems are communication problems, sexual problems, problems reaching agreements regarding essential decisions, problems regarding the upbringing of sons and daughters, and problems agreeing on financial expenses, among others. If one or more of these problems arise and are hindering the quality of coexistence and enjoyment as a couple or as a family, it is valid to consult a specialist who can accompany them to agree, mediate some conflicts and help them recover peace, tranquility, enjoyment and the joy of being as a couple.

One of the keys to success in Couples Therapy is to go on time, repair the attachment wounds that may happen, and not break the bond permanently.

How many sessions are needed in Couples Therapy?

The answer is always going to be it depends; Many people believe that Couples Therapy is going to all sessions together, but this is not the case; depending on the treatment planning that is developed jointly with the therapist, there will be individual or together sessions. Sometimes there will be one member of the couple who needs more sessions than another, but that will always depend on the person and the couple's conflict that has been addressed.

Many couples go to consultation and realize that deep down; they need individual therapy to manage conflicts from the past that arise within the relationship and cohabitation or the birth of children.

When is Couples therapy not appropriate?

Couples therapy usually has some conditions to be carried out successfully; among them are:

  •  Compromise and empathy.
  •  No physical and sexual violence in the couple.
  •  Non-active infidelity without prior agreement to an open relationship or something related.


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