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About Me

My name is Makeilyn Chaviano; I am a psychologist; I have a master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology. (UNIBE, UNINI, Tech Institute, Honor Graduations) Certified EMDR Therapist by the Costa Rican EMDR Association and the International EMDR Association. Currently, I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology with UNINI. Mexico. And also, I´m taking a Stress and Trauma Studies Certification by the Trauma Research Institute and working towards to be an EMDR Approved Consultant from the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).

I really enjoy studying; I did another master's degree in Educational Management with an emphasis on Leadership (Honor Graduation) and made studies Sociology bachelor’s degree from the National University of Costa Rica, as well as a Diploma in Project Management from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, a Diploma in Trafficking of People from the Autonomous University of Mexico, a diploma in Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology from the Peruvian Institute of Psychoneuroimmunology and Mind-Body Medicine. As well as multiple courses and training in clinical psychology and psychological and forensic evaluation.

During these years, I have had the opportunity to work in several areas of Psychology such as Social and Community, Educational, Organizational and Clinical Psychology, also as some organizations call the "Psychosocial Approach" in places such as the National University, the Institute of Studies of Women, the Hispano-American University, the Latin University, La Salle University, the Joint Institute of Social Assistance, Shelters and local offices of the National Children's Trust, for some Municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations that protect Human Rights and political activists, also in programs for foreign governments as well as internationally renowned private companies that provide their employees with Health Assistance Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean where I´m now a Senior provider, teacher, and coach.

My therapeutic approach is comprehensive, integrative, and sensitive to Psychological Trauma, I have more than 14 years of professional experience, and this is my tailor-made mental health, and recovery program for you. I also collaborate with other health professionals who have authentic relevance for integral well-being journeys.

I have always tried the approaches that I use myself first so I can have the experience of what I’m providing, from this view, the treatment for my clients is built to suit, unique, and flexible because I know how delicate and transformative this experience is.

Healing is not easy or quick; recovery requires courage, bravery, willingness, and commitment when motivation is not enough. But if you are here reading this, you have already taken a significant first step: Be adequately informed.

The integration of the different specialties in Psychology ends up being a challenge, as this science is in constant development, and far from eclecticism, it is a need that consultants have for techniques and systems that can contribute with the best evidence and practices that satisfy their needs.


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