Dr. Elmer Valverde Alfaro has 16 years of experience. He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Costa Rica in 2006. Specialist in General Psychiatry from the University of Costa Rica. 2013. Dr. Valverde A. has multiple courses and diplomas in both Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, a Master's in Dream, Physiology, and Medicine. University of Murcia, Spain. 2016. Master in Sustainable Health Services Administration with an emphasis on Health Services Management, Universidad Estatal a Distancia. 2018. Doctorate in Public Health, Atlantic International University, United States of America. 2020. Master Psychopharmacology Program. Neuroscience Educational Institute. United States of America. 2020. Graduated with a Master in Digital Health Management, OBS BussinesSchool-International University of Catalonia, Spain. 2021

The doctor is also trained in Trauma and EMDR. And he does Expert Valuations for Legal Processes.

He attends to the infant, youth, adult, and older population virtually or in person at the Oficentro Alameda, San Pedro, San José.


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