Intensive EMDR treatment

A novel accelerated methodology that challenges the traditional medical-psychological treatments in the realm of mental health.

Tailored to client's needs at the forefront of the latest developments in trauma-sensitive therapies, EMDR 2.0, and with modern medical equipment.

Priority access on the agenda over weekly patients. This way, you can recover faster. There are flexible schedules during the week and weekends. Why wait any longer to feel better?

Are you ready for the change you need, now?

EMDR Intensive
EMDR intensive costa rica

*First free consultation*

You can have a free 15-minute video call to address any doubts you may have prior to the personalized evaluation.

Here are some indicators that intensive EMDR therapy might be suitable for you:

  •  Recently trauma experienced; or loss/ grief, trauma after trauma that is imposible to cope by your own.
  •  Widespread health issues: and constant suffering. Persistent symthomps despite trying other therapies or interventions or even been taking medicine.
  •  Limited Progress: If you have made limited progress with traditional therapy approaches or have not seen the desired improvements in your symptoms over time or you get triggered over and over again after many years of treatment.
  •  Urgency for Relief: If you feel a sense of urgency or desperation to find relief from your symptoms and are motivated and compromised to engage in an intensive treatment program.
  •  Functional Impairment: If your symptoms are significantly impacting your ability to function in various areas of your life, such as work, relationships, or daily activities.
  •  Time Constraints: If you have limited time available for treatment and prefer a more condensed and focused approach to therapy.

If these points resonate with your current situation, it could be worth considering intensive EMDR therapy as a potential solution.

What to expect in the EMDR intensives?

Begin with a free initial consultation where you can ask questions, express concerns, and discuss your specific needs and goals with the therapy provider.

Receive a personalized evaluation and feedback on the investment required for your customized treatment. Consider whether the accelerated and intensive nature of EMDR therapy aligns with your preferences and needs.

Work with the therapist to develop a plan for intensive sessions, which may span hours, one, two, or more days, depending on your goals and treatment plan.

Experience guaranteed effectiveness after the treatment within the proposed goals, providing assurance that your therapy will lead to positive outcomes.

You will receive follow-up with two additional sessions after the intensive treatment to ensure continued progress and support in maintaining the gains made during therapy.

By following this structured approach, you can expect a comprehensive and effective experience tailored to your individual needs, leading to meaningful and lasting improvements in your well-being.

Cost: the cost of this treatment in the USA can cost up to 5000 dollars. For that money you can come do the treatment and have a little vacation.

You can choose to do the Intensive treatment between MD. Elmer Valverde or LCP Makeilyn Chaviano who are both EMDR certified and trained to do intensives.

EMDR intensive costa rica

* If you live outside of Costa Rica you may also be interested in the all-inclusive luxury package to take some time out in the beautiful forests of Manuel Antonio, Quepos.


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