My therapeutic approach is integrative, always based on the scientific evidence of the theories that I use according to the user's needs, tailor-made, and under the umbrella of the Informed Approach to psychological trauma, where the user's self-perceived safety is the transversal axis of all interventions.

My therapeutic bet is that people can feel safe in their own body; connected with their emotions, sensations, thoughts, and behaviors, learn and unlearn patterns and schemes that cause them suffering or are no longer functional, and can develop a high degree of emotional self-regulation, self-care, self-assessment and that can become the best version of themselves, in the present.

You can choose if you want a Face-to-face or Virtual Therapy modality.

Sometimes, the recommendation related to your intake can be face-to-face therapy.

My work is more focused on adolescents and adults.

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How many sessions do I need?

My approach will be adjusted to your need. Suppose you want it to be a brief or intensive therapy approach. In that case, you as a user will decide what the topic to address will be, and based on that need, we will jointly develop a work plan to address the specific points related to the current problem.

Depending on your need and context, we can talk about approximately 3 or 4 sessions up to 12 or 15.

Also, you can choose an Intensive Therapy Model, click here for more information.

Which is better, brief therapy or a prolonged and deep therapy approach?

Both are ways based on scientific evidence and work very well. The difference is that one (the brief therapy) is only going to work on the current symptoms, those of the present, while the intensive and deep one is going to address the problems from the root and not only the symptomatology or current behavior. Again, you as a client will always control what you want to work on in therapy.

How do I know if I should start Psychotherapy?

You have the answer; Do you feel good about yourself right now? If the answer is no, for whatever reason, you are doing the right thing in seeking professional help to see you through the difficult times.


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