Welcome you to your emotional healing journey

You´re on the right path to the change you want.

Healing is not a linear process; there is not only one way or path; if you have come this far, it is because you are looking for something different. After all, you want tranquility, peace, calm, security, self-love, self-regulation, and optimism back in your life. And I want to help you to become the best version of yourself right now.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

You can ask in RRHH of the company you work for or your Team Lead about the benefits some transnational companies offer for free limited sessions for you and your family members.

The benefits are usually several sessions. The modality can be face-to-face or virtual. This depends on the company and what you want.

The sessions must be approved before their use.

EAP beneficiaries can apply directly to any of them, wherever it is most accessible.

You can also use the benefits of Palig, Panamerican, Adissa, Magellan Health Care, and AETNA, among others.

For more information, contact us directly or ask HR of the company where you work.

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Psychological Evaluations

In addition, I work with collaborators in more personalized psychological evaluation services, where the parties are interviewed, psychological tests are applied, and a report is made according to the needs. Some of them are:

  •  General Clinical Psychological Evaluation
  •  Clinical Psychological Evaluations for Emotional Service Animal Companion
  •  Evaluation of Mental Suitability to work in Health Care Centers
  •  Evaluation of Mental Suitability for Adoptions
  •  Evaluation of Mental Suitability for Use Weapons and Work in Security

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